The Catskills

Where we are and where our travels have taken us this summer:

The Catskills are our most recent mountain adventure.  Beautiful rolling hills, originally referred to as the Blue Mountains, to go with the White of NH and the Green of VT.  An old saying in the region— “When you have two rocks for every dirt, you are in the Catskills.”  However, they seem to have more agricultural areas that the other mountain areas we passed through.    There were several large horse ranches, with their neatly laid out barns and fenced pastures on our route.  I even saw one where there was a dapple grey Shetland that reminded me of Black Beauty’s friend Merrylegs.  There were other horses in the field, but I didn’t see Black Beauty.


We spent two nights at Cortland, in the Yellow Lantern Campground.  It rained, the mosquitoes were voracious. 

It backs up to a river and the manager said that recently the river was up so much that much of the park had to be evacuated.  The NY Jets football team was in town for summer camp.

Next to us were a couple of guys who are avid fans.  They said they have season tickets and go to all the games in their Jets Camper and had decided to come to watch a few days of training camp this year.


One of the information sites stated that the Catskills have a very large black bear population, we did see a few deer alongside the road and a wild turkey.

Here are some pictures of moving through the Catskills on a drizzly afternoon.

A deep road cut along I-81

A beautiful but threatening sky

Crossing the Delaware River - So many of the rivers are amazingly wide, with steep banks.  Gorgeous!

We saw this very long motor home pulling out of a rest stop,  It’s pulling a motorcycle as well as a toad.  How would you like to be driving something that long?

Once back in Norwalk, we spent our first night in a Wal-Mart parking lot.  It worked out well, the night was cool and there is a good breeze, so it is comfortable in the trailer.  Oddly an RV pulled in next to us that was from Waco, Texas.  Strange to meet someone from our old home area so far away.  We have seen very few Texans once we reached New England, even the locals seem surprised to find we are from Texas.

I found a great app for the android phone “Walmart ONP.”  Walmart Overnight Parking Locator is a Navigation Travel application that is compatible with all devices.  In addition to listing the nearby Wal-Mart Stores, it included if paring is possibly permitted or not permitted, gives you a map of all nearby locations, a description of services.  Another nice feature is that it provides emergency and general information about the state that you are traveling through, alerts, construction, if overnight parking is allowed in rest areas etc.

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