Wild and Wonderful

Where we are and where we have been:

It was time to put some miles behind us and begin moving toward home port.

We went jacks up from York, PA with the goal of traveling 200 or more miles for the day.  Our route took us west and south through the panhandle of Maryland and West Virginia.  What a beautiful drive! The Allegheny Mountains through this section are wild, rugged, undulating, green and beautiful.



We crossed a pass at 2740 feet, while that would not have been of note in the Rockies, it was very impressive due to how steep it was and the impressive road cut and a great viewing area.

viewing area at scenic Overlook near Cumberland, Maryland


Scenic Overlook - near Cumberland, Maryland

Scenic Overlook - near Cumberland, Maryland

The whole way was up one side of a mountain and down the other, with hardly a flat

After a full day of travel, we settled for a night at the Wal-Mart in South Charleston, WV.  A walk across the parking lot and dinner at Taco Bell and after a good night’s sleep (possible after the hot-roder decided to call it a night) a breakfast at McDonald’s then back on the road to reach Louisville, Kentucky.  Just before pulling out a Chic Fil-a “cow” came past and we prevailed on him for a picture.

Eat Mooore Chikn

More pictures from along the road:



Crossing Kentucky the mountains began to fade and the hills became more of a gentle roll. Beautiful horse ranches began to be more common as KY proved it’s moniker as horse racing capital of the world.  The horses grazing in the fields obviously thoroughbreds.

We finished our long drive in Louisville, KY.  More about that next time.




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