Spring – Joy

Yea!  Spring at last!  Birds and bees are returning, trees are leafing out, what a joyful time.

We have spent a few days camping at Lake Lavon this winter, but it’s been mostly brick and mortar for us the past few months. While central Texas weather can’t be called severe, we have had our share of freezing temps and power outages causing us to huddle around the fire and gladly welcome warm sunshine (at least until we begin to hit temps in the 100s – LOL)

The open road is really pulling, and the tangy air of pine and ocean breezes are tingling our sense of adventure.  Our plans are to head west, spending a good amount of time in Colorado, but Oregon is still a strong lure, we will see where the road takes us.  Anita receives her degree in May, so we will be local until then, but with plans to paint the exterior of the house and make some repairs on Pilgrim, we will be more than busy for the next few weeks.

A few weeks ago we enjoyed a sunny few days at Lavon.  While there Sue and Mark Larson joined us for dinner and visiting.  Sue is a coworker; it was fun getting better acquainted and meeting her delightful other half, Mark.  We hope to do it again soon.  An activity that Brady thought up for a dark night was light painting.  We were not very good, but it was fun and we had a good laugh at the results.

Anita and I enjoyed last weekend at Community Bible Chapel’s Women’s Retreat at the Lavon Baptist Retreat Center.  We had a couple of days filled with good fellowship, renewed friendships and excellent teaching.  Our topic was Joy.  Katie Hoffman taught from I Peter 1 that we as believers always are grounded in JOY, even though at the time we may be full of despair or experiencing trials and sadness, we will always have the joy of knowing that we are heirs of God’s kingdom.  It was a true blessing. Katie’s information can be found at her website:  http://www.katiehoffman.org.

Now that the weather is improving, we will be on the road more, and I will be on line more often.


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