A New Phase of Life

Have you given any thought to the term Commencement? One of those words that mean both an ending, a completion of a task, a final ceremony and on the other hand the act of beginning, starting out on a new venture, a new path. Life frequently seems to hand us that situation – moves, retirement and graduation. The season of graduations has come.  It seems that almost everyone we know is either graduating or going to a graduation.  Our neighbors went out of state to relative’s graduation. Friends graduated from seminary. One of our grandsons graduated from kindergarten and our eldest daughter graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).

On My Way

Graduation ceremonies have changed since the time I graduated in some ways and in others they are much the same.  Pomp and circumstance, formal speeches, handshakes as the graduate walks across the stage, yet her ceremony was one of eight that UTD held.  People were shuffled in and out ike at a football game.

Nicholas’, the grandson’s, was a small affair.  The teacher called each one up and gave a brief insight into each K5’er character in her class and their development during the time she had them as a student.  It was sweet and cute and held in the classroom.

Look Out First Grade, Here We Come!

Anita, our daughter, went back to school after about 20 years of working in the business world, but her dream of teaching elementary school children had reasserted itself, and she followed it back to the university to complete an unfinished degree.  The first step in accomplishing her dream was accomplished not only a degree but earned with Cum Laude honors.

We all have our dreams, but many of us fall victim to the lies such as “wait, right now you need to buckle down and be responsible” and “be safe by staying at your day job”, or the classic “That’s impossible! You might fail.”   If the other excuses don’t get you then there is the clincher “That sounds like too much hard work.  Of course all of them have some element of truth.  Keeping that old job could be safer, and easier to not step out into the unknown to accomplish that dream, and most likely any dream worth accomplishing will be hard work.  In tough economic times, it may seem impossible. For many of us, our dreams seem far too lofty and maybe even dangerously naive when just finding a job can be a challenge. However, the other old saying can be applied – “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. The time to acknowledge and act on your dreams – is when you feel them strongly calling. We strive to live by faith and follow the dream that we feel is from on high.  With perseverance and determination the dream can be accomplished.

We are proud of Nicholas and the stalwart young man he is becoming.

We are so proud of Anita in obtaining this huge leap toward her dream.

Congratulations to all the Graduates at whatever level.  May you find joy in fulfilling your goals in life.

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