Deja Vu for a 5th-wheel Brother

Stage 1: Lavonia to Quanah, Texas

Finally we have the Rolling Eagle, our new Jayco Eagle 5th wheel, back from the shop with a smooth running slide. After a couple of days at Lake Lavon to test and load, it is off to Colorado for a shortened by much anticipated trip.  While at the lake we enjoyed a great time with friends, Sue and Mark Larson.  Thanks again for the delicious meal at Rosa’s’

Rolling Eagle

Bright and early Tuesday morning we were off, well early for a retired couple.  We arranged to meet Doug and Elizabeth Kilgore to travel together.  They were leaving from a relative’s wedding in Fort Worth, so we met in Wichita Falls.  Unfortunately they began to experience issues, first with an overheating wheel on the trailer, fortunately that was just a brake that had been adjusted incorrectly.  Then their truck started acting up, it would not exceed 30 miles an hour down the highway.

We limped into Quanah where he had the fuel filter replaced.

In the shop

Off again– no improvement – this time we did not even make it out of town before the problem was back.  After creeping down the looong 8 or so miles to Ole Towne Cotton Gin RV Campground, we pulled in and gratefully called it a day.  They called Good Sam Roadside Assistance had their truck towed back into Vernon for repair the next morning.

Good Sam to the Rescue

We were so reminded of our experience in June that caused us to turn back, we had our fingers crossed that the same will not be their fate.  We stayed at the Quanah Park on Wednesday to hear the verdict. Part ordered, hopefully ready on Thursday.  Thursday, – NO Part –the ordered part was not sent.  Brady took them to Wichita Falls to rent a car and that afternoon we went jacks up to head west.  Doug and Elizabeth spent a couple more days at Quanah.  The truck was repaired on Saturday and they returned to Dallas on Sunday.  We will miss their company along the road, but it was a good decision for them. We hope to catch them on the road again sometime soon.

We don’t have the dangers and problems of the early pioneers, but as we have learned this year, there are still problems to be overcome in modern day travel.


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