Ham’n It Up with New Friends and Old

Drive from Quanah, Texas to Trinidad, Co.

Out where the deer and the antelope play and the sky is not cloudy all day – well almost.

Llano Estacado

Over the muddy Red and on across the Llano Estacado, staked plains, where mesas begin to dot the skyline, mesquite and sage stretch mile after mile with little towns like Hereford, Texline, Clayton, and Capulin interrupting the rolling plains.  The temperature soared over 100 up to 106. At stops it was hot enough to singe the hair off a brass monkey. We knew it was definitely time to leave for cooler climes.

We did get a bit of cooling off between Dumas and Dalhart when we drove through a rain squall. After a comfortable night at Corral RV Park in Dalhart we moved on into New Mexico.  It’s always fun to look for the lava mounds all through the large volcanic field along US 287.  Mt Capulin thrusting up over 7000 feet signals that mountains are just a few miles ahead. But alas, where have all the antelope gone?  We saw a few of those now elusive animals but not many.

Mt Capulin Volcano

We pulled Raton, our first pass of the year and descended into Trinidad where we took two nights at Lake Trinidad State Park.  Good thing we arrived early, the park quickly filled up for the weekend.  We had the “good fortune” to have several teenage boys obsessed with skateboards camping next to us.  As we arrived they were setting up ramps – what a racket!  Gratefully, they were gone most of the time we were in camp, so it worked out. (We heard that there was a skateboard competition in town.) The campground is set on a high bluff overlooking the lake and the views are fantastic.  Friday afternoon we watched a fast moving thunder storm roll in over the mountains, soon the camp was pelted with a driving rain and pea sized hail.

Storm coming over the mountains

Ham radio friends Bob and Mary Ann Coellin are building a beautiful home on a mountain ridge just south of Trinidad.  They invited us up to see the home and the magnificent views.  WOW.  Brady and I both would trade in the RV life style for a place like that. Beautiful trees and lots of wild life – a deer trail passes through their front yard.  Recently Bob heard a scratching outside their RV and to his surprise when he looked out there was a mountain lion practically staring him in the face.  Heidi was beside herself running back and forth, she had sensory overload.  We all went down into Trinidad and enjoyed delicious wood fired oven pizza and each other’s company.  The next night we met another fellow ham couple, RC and Mary Ghormley– and became immediate friends.  The 6 of us drove to Raton for supper.

Bob and Mary Ann's soon to be new summer home

On our way home we stopped for diesel, there was another storm moving through.  Kaboom!  I nearly got the wits scared out of me. A big streak of lightning struck just beyond and the thunder shook the station, we were grateful to get back to the camp and settle down.

Drive to Cuchara and Bob and Mary Ann's place

Stonewall on Co 12


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