From the Front Range to the 14ers

“And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high, I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky.
You can talk to God and listen to His reply”.

Leaving Trinidad and the Front Range in the rear view mirror, we crossed through Wet Valley, where many memories of trips to Horn Creek Christian Camp ( always brought to mind.  Good times with good friends are always sweet to recall.  Out of Wet Valley through the Arkansas River Canyon on US 50 and on up to Buena Vista.

Leaving the Front Range

We have put our jacks down to stay awhile in one of our favorite places, the Upper Arkansas River Valley.  We are right in the heart of the highest concentration of 14ers in Colorado (mountains over 14,000 ft high for you low landers). I wrote about the valley in 2012 (  We have once again settled at Arkansas River Rim Campground.  Friends that we met on our last visit, Fred and Karen Peterman, are here as well and we are making some new friends as we gather around a picnic table in the evening for chats.

Trip to Turquoise Lake

A few days ago we and the Petermans drove up Leadville for a Pizza Hut buffet lunch.  Would you believe that as we were winding up, the manager taped a sign to the door that they were out of supplies and closing for the day!  She then came by the table and said help yourself to anything on the buffet, you are our last customers.  Well neither of us was the least bit shy.  We both took a large box and filed it with fresh pepperoni and meat lover’s pizza.

Pizza Hut in Leadville

From there Fred and Karen showed us a drive that circled the beautiful Turquoise Lake. At around 10,000 ft. this reservoir is flanked by Mt. Elbert and Mt Massive, two peaks that compete for the honor of being the highest in the Colorado Rocky range.  Surrounded by pines and sunk into a deep valley, the setting could hardly be more dramatic.

Turquoise Lake

We have had a couple of outings to nearby streams for lunch and exploring.  The lyrical sounds of water rushing and tumbling over rocks and boulders beckon us to settle down with a good book and just enjoy the fresh air and nature.  One such adventure brought kayakers and whitewater rafters going past us braving the rapids, while we waved and watched some of them get hung up on a particularly large boulder right where the river took a sharp turn.

We have been blessed with wonderful weather.  Every day a brief rain comes through, but never last for long.  The morning temps are in the middle 50s soaring up to perhaps 78 or so during the day.  Mostly the sky is clear and vibrantly blue. Last night we watched the sun paint the sky with rusty reds and oranges as it set through blue grey clouds hovering over Mt. Yale (across the road from camp)

”The shadows from the starlight are softer than a lullaby.
Rocky Mountain high, Colorado. Rocky Mountain high.”


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