Life Around Camp

We have spent a very enjoyable month at Arkansas River Rim Campground.  While we have been out exploring a good bit of the time, there is still plenty of down time at the camp; evenings or lazy days hanging out relaxing.  Those of us who are “long termers” are mostly located around a circle at one end of the campground, so getting acquainted is even easier. We’ve renewed old friendships and turned acquaintances into new friends.  Fred and Karen Peterman, whom we had met a couple of years ago have become fast friends.  John and Laurna Woolever are new acquaintances that we have enjoyed spending time with and getting to know.  Just pulling up chairs outside and swapping stories, chewing the fat, sharing where we have been and what to see, or do.  The guys have particularly gotten to know each other while running potty duty forays for the dogs, or helping each other working on this issue or that around the trailers.

The guys stop for a chat (Charlie, Fred & John w/Scooter, Bella & Katie)

Karen and Laurna compare crafts

Heidi has Bella over for a visit

We have gone on outings to places in the area, gone for ice cream, eaten out and shared meals together.  A couple of years ago Fred introduced Brady to trout fishing.  This year John has shared his fishing bounty with us all.  One of those shared meals was some of the trout grilled with fresh local corn, green beans and salad, YUM!  With time short for the others, (they are leaving before we do) we all put together a hamburger shared meal.  One last time to sit out and visit.  They are now missed, the camp seems so empty.

Come and Get It!

Brady, Fred and John enjoy Happy Hour

Jeff, the camp owner, holds an annual Labor Day BBQ/Band Bash, featuring live music with Jeff’s band Derringer. All at the campground are invited, they provide hot dog and BBQ fixins and others bring dishes to round out the meal.  His band entertains and everyone has a great time.  This year, the day was cool/cold and rainy, but the party mood was not dampened.

Some of our other neighbors have been intent on gold mining in the Arkansas River.  The group that holds the claim for the part of the river behind us, use snorkels and vacuum to hunt for the elusive glittery stuff.  Others pan, but I doubt that any are making a fortune.

Wild life always provides entertainment.  We have enjoyed watching hummingbirds on a feeder we attached to the dining room window. Rabbits hop around just outside and of course chipmunks and squirrels romp through the area. A trip into town never fails to bring sightings of deer.  The other day a couple of bucks were grazing along the highway, Some in camp reporting seeing a bear wander through camp, but that was before we arrived.

What! You can see me?

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