Smokey Mountains and Blue Ridge Parkway

mapFor the last two days we have spent time in the Smokey Mountains and the southern portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway! Those beautiful green mountains! Trees clinging to the swell of mountains giving them the look of giant green beasts lying off in a hazy distance. Roads swooping up and down, weaving back and forth in a dizzying way not even matched by the Rockies.  Rhododendrons bursting with purple and pink blooms decorate most every turn of those roads which are frequently dappled with sun that sneaked through the canopy of overhanging trees.20160610_154404 20160610_164200

I’m always refreshed coming to the mountains. My soul sings and I marvel at the majesty of God’s beautiful world.20160610_163925 20160610_112112 20160609_155618

We drove US 74 from Cleveland, Tn. along the Ocoee River through the Smokey Mts. spending the night in Murphy, NC then continuing on past Cherokee. We stopped for lunch at Lulu’s Café in Sylva, NC., before heading to connect with the Blue Ridge at Asheville. Tonight we are in Little Switzerland, NC. a small town just off of the Blue Ridge.20160609_170656

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