Graduation in Norwalk or When Did He Grow Up?

‘In response to those who say to stop dreaming and face reality, I say keep dreaming and make reality.’ Kristian-Kan, author and editor.

What a wonderful week.  Anita arrived in Norwalk to the welcoming arms of Celeste, Joe, Justin and Madison.  My first impression walking in the door – WOW! how tall Justin is. He has matured into a responsible, considerate young man. While I was proud of each of our girls at this important milestone, I found myself a little emotional seeing our first grandson walk across the stage.  I’m excited for all the opportunities that lie ahead but a little afraid that he and the younger ones won’t have the opportunities that we have had. Justin graduated with honors as a member of the National Honor society and Capt. Cap. Honors. He is headed for the University of Connecticut and aiming for a degree in Chemical Engineering.


Graduation was held at the high school stadium and the graduates marching in with the boys in green and the girls in white was very impressive. There were lots of speeches followed by the handing out of diplomas. His class was over 300 strong, so it took awhile. After the ceremony we were off to an outstanding Italian restaurant for scrumptious food and fun.

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Joe is an outstanding cook and loves to grill, I’ll be surprised if I haven’t put on a few pounds. Thanks to my Fitbit I have managed to put in a reasonable amount of walking, so hopefully it the day of reckoning won’t be too bad. Last night we enjoyed an evening of out door movies and smores fixed over an open fire. The weather has been perfect, sunny but not hot. Actually we have had to scramble for a wrap when we were outdoors in the evenings.




We are sad to be leaving tomorrow, but excited for the next leg of our girls trip and to reach home and the family left behind.

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