A Relaxing Get Away

The MtsHere we are in the amazingly beautiful Colorado mountains again.  Oh how I love the tall snow capped mountains, the swaying aspens, the fragrant pines.

This trip is a gift! A gift from my wonderful husband who so graciously is staying home with my elderly mother in order to give me time to relax and rejuvenate from her long-term care. It’s also a blessing to be spending this time apart with Anita, our first born. So here we are in a wonderful cabin/chalet in the heart of the Colorado mountains.

Our home away from home for nearly two weeks is in Monarch, about 6 miles from Monarch Pass, and right on the Garfield Creek (really a roaring river right now).Me at cabin

Anita at cabin

Anita at cabin

We are lulled into total relaxation by the coursing, swirling, hypnotic river. Our chalet has all the amenities needed for a retreat including a fully stocked kitchen, comfortable beds, satellite internet and phone, no TV service and last but not least a hot tub. We are within a few miles of Salida, so yesterday we took advantage of a trip into town to gather some supplies, but on day two, we are just chilling.  I put in a few hours this morning working in my zero gravity chair (we both brought ours from home) on the porch. A perk of my part time job is that I can take it anywhere.

We put out a hummingbird feeder and the amazing beautiful little wonders are taking full advantage.  The tiny ruby and iridescent green hummers swoop in for a drink then zoom off again, occasionally sitting down for a longer drink or driving off a rival.Hummingbird

Here is a link to where we are staying

The 1st chair Chalet.

Devils Stair Steps

Devils Stair Steps





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