The mountains are calling and I must go.” (John Muir)


What glorious days of soaking up magnificent scenery.

On Saturday we struck out for Buena Vista and I had the privilege of sharing with Anita some of the sites that we have visited and loved in the past.  I have written about Buena Vista and Cottonwood Pass on more than one occasion (The first time in 2012 and again in 2014 in Slush, Mush, and Sunshine)

We had been told that Cottonwood Pass was closed due to proposed construction, they plan to pave the road on the west side of the pass and make improvements so the whole thing is to be closed all year. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived in Buena Vista that the sign to the pass had a bright orange sign on it saying that the pass was open!

Up we went.  


As we begin to reach higher elevations snow lined the road and covered the open areas. What a thrill and so beautiful. After several pull-offs to enjoy the scenery we made it to the pass, sure enough the western side was closed by snow (no sign of construction yet).


Looking West from Cottonwood Pass

20170610_122813 20170610_123339 20170610_123049 20170610_124847While we were there we we were entertained by a man with a German Shepard, he would throw a chunk of snow out into the field of snow, and the dog happily raced after it, but of course could never find it to bring back, but he clearly enjoyed the chase.    

Back in Buena Vista, we drove out to the Railroad Tunnel road to travel along the Arkansas River, the tunnels are always fun.            

Drive through Railroad tunnels blasted in the mountains

Drive through Railroad tunnels blasted in the mountains



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