Where is home?

I’m at the point of tears this morning!

I’m not handling Mother well, partly because I have a cold and did not sleep very well, partly because she is really out of it today.

Last night she would not settle down for bed, and was up well before 7 this morning and greeted me with “Oh when did ya’ll get here?” This morning has been a disaster already.  She puts used toilet paper in the trash and just now brought a big handful down in her hands, that was just too much. We have tried for four years to get her to flush the toilet paper, including putting signs all over the bathroom with that instruction.  She just will not do it.

Our biggest issue today is that she is determined that she does not live here, that her things are not here and that she needs to go where they are.  But in the next second, she is asking were the keys are, so she can make sure it is locked up when she goes. She is convinced that this is Waco and that she does not live here.

Praise that Anita got me out of the house.  We had a delicious lunch at On the Border then did a bit of grocery shopping.

Things are calmer here at home now, but not better. Too much pain.

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