Sleep Who Needs It

So at her primary care doctors strong recommendation, we took Mom to see a neurologist several weeks ago.  The goal was to see if he could help with some of the dementia issues. At this point, I am thinking that was a BIG mistake! The first visit was routine, he ordered some blood work and a MRI of her brain.  At 96, I’m not sure what good he thought the MRI would do, but we scheduled one and took her for it.  She had NO idea of what was happening and no amount of trying to explain it would make any sense to her. They gave her the traditional buzzer to push if she needed to stop.  Well, of course, she pushed it every time they started the machine. After probably enough time for the test to have been completed, they came out and requested that I come back.  They had me stay in the MRI room with her to keep her quiet while they did the test.  Oh my goodness! Those little ear plugs are worthless!

At the return visit, he said her brain had shrunk, but no other issues.  Seemingly there is little that can be safely prescribed for someone her age. He did provided a one-month sample pack of medication.  It starts out with a week of one half strength pill and each week works up in strength, if she can tolerate them. Guess she can’t.  Her confusion has gotten much worse on the medication. She has become more restless, more resistant to guidance and her sleep at night has almost gone away.

Two nights ago, she woke us all up crying out “Don’t leave me here, don’t leave me here.” We got up, reassured her we were here, that she was at home, she thought she was at a church, and that all was ok. Anita made her some chamomile tea and I took her back to her bed, got her back in bed cloths and sat with her for awhile to hopefully get her to sleep.  In less than an hour she was back down stairs and I had to repeat putting her to bed again.  Then again, she was up in an hour. Last night did not start quiet so early, but the same pattern, she was down stairs in our bedroom milling around in the dark twice – well she did turn on our bathroom light.

Poor Anita is off to work with severely compromised sleep, I had to not work yesterday, I was too groggy to try. I called the Doctor’s office off and on all day yesterday to not be able to get through, until just before they closed. The doctor should call back today. We did not give her the medicine yesterday, hopefully, it will work out of her system quickly.

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