Crossing the Carb Delta

Otherwise known as the Mississippi Delta

It’s been a couple of days since I blogged and we have covered a lot of ground. The days have been long travel days, partly trying to follow routes marked as scenic, others times making time on the interstates.

After reading some enticing articles about the “Must See” Great River Road, we decided to give it a try.  Brady loves to watch great river barges and shipping on the move – especially if there is a lock around for it to move through.

Our first stop along this route was Parkin Archeological Park. An ancient Indian site. 20180702_123635Between 1350–1650 an Indian village existed at the confluence of the St. Francis and Tyronza rivers. It was likely the village that Hernando de Soto recorded visiting in 1542. It looked to be a very interesting museum, however, unfortunately, the staff seemed to have closed during the middle of the day, even though the open sign was aglow.20180702_123007 After waiting what seemed long enough for them to have completed meetings or lunch, or we decided that mayhem could have been happening inside like in a Nevada Barr or JA Jance book. We walked around a bit and 942001left.




We dubbed the area Carb Delta since all along our scenic drive mostly we saw field after field of rice, soybean or corn. But no river views at all ( ) at least through the Arkansas portion.


In Missouri, we stopped at the Lady Luck Casino, which had camping near the river, the Casino was an old River Boat. A fun stop (we lost no money/made no money/gambled nothing). The RV area was very nice, clean and even had free washers and dryers in the facilities building. The river traffic was very light – we moved on the next morning.

Last night we found an awesome camp, our back window looked right out on the Ohio River.  Horseshoe Bend CG located at the bottom of a tall bluff near Leavenworth, Illinois. It is located at the tightest bend on the Ohio River. We were treated to a spectacular view of barges churning up and down the river, birds soaring among the cliffs including a bald eagle. We might have enjoyed another night or two, but time and20180703_190042 distance still to travel drew us on.20180703_185902 20180703_185338

Tonight we have made it through the beautiful thoroughbred horse country of Kentucky and into the beginning of the Appalachians in West Virginia.

Fireworks are popping all around, not here in the camp but very nearby, local people shooting off boomsticks and starburst fireworks. We could only see a few from our campsite but heard many more.


imagesHappy 4th  Y’all

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